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If you are not hectic, something is wrong with your startup!

Startup, working hard, no sleep in 3 days during launch….
Post launch critical bugs, changes missed, user feedback, analytics….

Need improvement, push marketing, back to back interview with reporters, tv interview, person working with you get mood off, dont work for a day, time of launch he told he got new assignments, changes needs to roll-out, coding done, testing failed, needs to handle troll, Still you need to wakeup, answer question to users and friends, needs to code, needs to push. There is no way around…….. Do or die………….. Be crazy, work constantly 28hr a day !

That’s lot of fun…….. Handling tension, craziness and users !!!

Now dont get much senti…… if you are having startup or in past have startup, you understand each word…. not only understand but feel it…………….. And what keeps you going ????

This type of users crazy feedback !!!

Share ur car,
towards mumbai show ur pyar.
locatn nr ho ya far,
mak travel budies yar.
@smart_mumbaikar=safar widout suffer

link : https://twitter.com/?tw_e=details&tw_i=193577834361528322&tw_p=tweetembed#!/ChoopaRustam/statuses/193577834361528322

And looking forward to meet @ChoopaRustam tomorrow with TV9 team. You deserve a lot, your feedback keep us going…tirelessly!


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