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If you are not hectic, something is wrong with your startup!

Startup, working hard, no sleep in 3 days during launch….
Post launch critical bugs, changes missed, user feedback, analytics….

Need improvement, push marketing, back to back interview with reporters, tv interview, person working with you get mood off, dont work for a day, time of launch he told he got new assignments, changes needs to roll-out, coding done, testing failed, needs to handle troll, Still you need to wakeup, answer question to users and friends, needs to code, needs to push. There is no way around…….. Do or die………….. Be crazy, work constantly 28hr a day !

That’s lot of fun…….. Handling tension, craziness and users !!!

Now dont get much senti…… if you are having startup or in past have startup, you understand each word…. not only understand but feel it…………….. And what keeps you going ????

This type of users crazy feedback !!!

Share ur car,
towards mumbai show ur pyar.
locatn nr ho ya far,
mak travel budies yar.
@smart_mumbaikar=safar widout suffer

link : https://twitter.com/?tw_e=details&tw_i=193577834361528322&tw_p=tweetembed#!/ChoopaRustam/statuses/193577834361528322

And looking forward to meet @ChoopaRustam tomorrow with TV9 team. You deserve a lot, your feedback keep us going…tirelessly!


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Bye Bye Polaris, Welcome to Mobile 4 Mumbai full time.



It was tough call, tough not to leave the job, but Tough to leave Polaris  !!! Working for more than 5 years in one company (and more to company its like working with family and friends !). However  I learn one thing “Live your Dream”.  And finally its time to do that,   to work on my idea, building the stuffs from scratch and impacting millions of people’s daily life.

At one side, i am feeling sad, as its 5 yr+ time, kind of comfort zone in polaris, many friends, daily hangout, smooth life, good steady monthly pay !And when i told my wish to leave polaris to few close friends, they were giving me Gali, You Foolish, Don’t do etc etc.

They are right, I am also right.  But finally with all your wish and good luck, i think its time for me to startup.

While writing this, i am really excited about the progress we have made in Mobile 4 Mumbai‘s new Stealth mode service., Top 4 telcos  in Mumbai are keen to work with us and in advance level talk with them to rolling out our new service in few months time. Frameworks for some really cool location+mobile service has been built-up, with load testing of  10L users, and performance, scalability are good enough.

The point is not about only telcos,  Infact when we launched Mobile 4 Mumbai’s in Last week of 2009,  and within 6 month in June-2010, Big Boys who are having two O in their name (Guess ! Guess !!!) were calling us and keen to work with us, or i work for them. [But i don’t want to leave Polaris for next job !!!] Now i predict it is right time to jump full time !

I am sure many things i have learn @ polaris will be useful, (Oh ! When  yesterday i was hanging out with investors, they told, its not about my Idea, They would love to make investment because of My Execution !!!… I am sure, If not in polaris, i may NOT have learn all of this).
Working in Phonologies (IIT-B incubated small startup) + Polaris + Vaman (now defunct) and working with some great  brain + great friends,  i can not forget, and i will miss you,  i will miss some night out in solving Armor Issues, Night out in making some servers up, Rolling out some new implementations and  Chai + Bhaji and other fun stuffs around office,  + great people @ Polaris.


So yes, finally writing this to say Good Bye and Good luck to all associates and management @ Polaris Software Lab Ltd.  And jumping to Start-up world !!!


Cheers and Have Fun,

Raxit Sheth


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Going crazy but cool way

It is very important for you and only you to ensure your dream project should kicked off. Success/failure is not imp, but getting it kicked off is very important. If you want to be crazy or you want to be cool, none cares and why anyone cares ? Many people around to give advice, and they are true, still do whatever your heart is telling,

That’s Life, Just enjoy Succ and failure both ! Doomed…..

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how to turn your limitation to your strength ! how to make your users more valuable.

So Blast has happened. Mobile 4 Mumbai is rocking, Journalist, Radio and TV Channels running to catch us (and we approached few of them to create buzz !) . Was having regular office (day time job) and Red FM asking for  “Live Interview” or IBNLive asking for interview (6 month back when we have launched Mobile 4 Mumbai -Bus search) but due to hectic schedule can’t make it !

Many people (from top notch companies) offering  good job offer ,  For Technical, For Marketing, For Great UI or for User Adoption ! So it was really really a great lesson as very young techy ! ( Still i believe i am more techy ! Hacker ! etc and not marketing freaks !) Infact  the people  and team of Old Barcamp planners are still calling me  “Anti-Marketing”. And i wondered few weeks  back when i went to some companies for collaboration their head offered me, why dont you join us ?

It is definitely making me crazy…  You are going for collaboration and the dude/dudette offering me the job ? Ah No ! If we are coming for the talks for collaboration let’s talk on it. So with simply and politely have to ignore “job offer” which can kill Mobile 4 Mumbai, dont care how big is the firm and what no. of digits in the package might get offered.

But now it is time for self analysis…. And i found very interesting points when discussing with few of our well wishers…..

1. Forgot you are only Techy, You are great marketing persons toooo.

2. four type of qualities… a) you know your strength, outside world also knows, b) you dont know what you can do, but others may know what you can do , c)you know what you can do, but outside world dont know what you can do, d) you and outside world – none knows what you can do. You know techy parts, you can do it, but you were not knowing you can do great marketing (actually buzz creation) as well, As simple as it.  (Given by my roommate Sandeep Mishra…. Soon he is leaving us 😦 hope i will miss his Gali 🙂

3. Limitation was i was (and am) totally un-funded, BEST has not supported us in giving data and we are only having ~60% data when we have launched to public. Before We launched i was having good amount of discussion with Moksh Juneja, who was pushing me for launch and i was telling i dont want to launch public till i get full data….. Hald Backed product is not worth !!! People will throw away the product and  i was out of the game.  How we can launch the product without full data ? (or nearly full data ?)

Finally realized… Turn your limitation to your strength…. Turn it…Do all the Jugaad ! And idea striked of in my mind…..  Crowdsourcing… People were telling it may not work, but let’s give a try !!!!   It worked… Indeed  not only worked, but help us like  we were flying….zoooooooooom…. When we have launched  i must confest i used it as a protection tool, but now it is our biggest strength !  Telling people this is a half data product and still they love it is like telling  “you are marrying handicape girl and still you love her”.  But it really really worked.  How ?

Contribute and Get Famous

Initially many people contributed even the total percentage of contributors are less, the number is big. More frequent contribution is really rocking. People like Gavin Mathos has rocked us in last copule of weeks !   No need to say many of our contributors are shining on  Airtel and Samsung Download page. We dont write lengthy description of our product just  one line ” Mumbai Bus Search on your mobile without SMS, withotu GPRS in less than 10 keystrokes” is enough to deliver the message. and Rest of the space we use to shine our  Contributors.

4. Clear cut Message : You dont have data and you are looking for contributors.

This many of my friends is the open and honest. I asked you can contribute by E-mail, SMS or even make a phone call !  and lot many people has done it… Must say Thanks to all well wishers of Mobile 4 Mumbai.

5. Be close to end users.

Putting E-mail, and recieving SMS and call from end users and replying them back. Hardly 1% case has told your product is shit  (and that is also because of data !). Rest all have told us very motivating feedback. The key  that many corporates/funded companies not able to handle is they stay very far from end users !  Creating the product that none wants to use ! Giving supports that none wants to recieve ! Even we are providing the Free application, i must say support given is far far good (come to know from the voice of end users !) (thanks to polaris, i learn very key fact and some tips/techniques in handling  crazy but positive users). And that has turned us a lot. The real lesson and learning was how to handle happy users ! Really, It is tough ! you have to experience it. It is like pregnancy pain !

<more to come>

Raxit Sheth

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Announcement Hua Kya @ Taj – No !

So Finally we have not got chance @ IDMA, Taj Lands end.

Even though it was confirmed we will get announcment slot for Mobile 4 Mumbai launch on one of the top popular App Store, and We were toooo much excited…

We want to stole the show like popular blogger/podcaster Kamlabhatt has mentioned here…during Yahoo Hackday@ Taj Bangalore in front of David Filo (Co-Founder Yahoo !)+ Sharad Sharma (Ex. CEO, Yahoo India) and Lovely-Hacky Hackers + Top-Notch Media… “Watch out for the person who stole the show: Raxit Sheth, hack number 31.”.

PS: Yahoo Hackday will give 90 second (1.5 min time slot) to Express your hack to Audience. In those 90 second  you need to proove, your idea/hack  will  rock or suck…after 24 hr of Hack !!! it was a great Experience !

So why this post…?

Some people have suggested us, hardly 250 folks may be knowing you have launched there or not, just announce it you have launched there…People are crazy about it etc etc masala… (even we have not !)…  But no…

Just we want to make sure, we dont give any wrong impression/cheat to our users/well wishers/friends/family/collegues  and infact ourself.

Truth must be out and faced…. Even many people will asked me by calling,meeting,sms-ing, mailing… “Hey Raxit, how was your announcement @ Taj?”  and  it is tough to say we got slashed out !!! (and easy to fake, hey it was really superb… !!!) . And we are happy to make it clear by this post, as well the same fact is informed to key people within 3 hr…when we come to know.

Few Fundas… 🙂 🙂

Outcome =  Hardwork or Try + Smartness + uncertainty( or luck or god wish).

Anyway it happens, in the life result/outcome  may not be as per your expectation, but you must try smartly. You have to propose and flirt  your GF, GF is interested….GF is calling you….But still…. we hope it will be good 🙂

the third parameter – uncertainty is beyond my control…and that is why life is there,…
if you know everything in advance in your life then it is just mechaninc, infact it is not a life.

Anyway, Thanks to IDMA team to host wonderful night, great show, great audience. Thanks to Anurag Batra, E4M for providing the opportunities to emerging players in digital media.

And mostly friendly call to all those, who have put faith in us even during little bit bad time for us.

Still we are happy, Still we are getting constant love SMS/E-mail/Call about Mobile 4 Mumbai from our end users.

We will have more chances in future+more learnings+more announcements+more love of Mumbai 🙂

Have fun 🙂

Raxit Sheth


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Mobile 4 Mumbai


Many of you are contacting me on Call/SMS/E-mail.. You are Java Developer, you want to get involved ! Or you are working in big MNC, you want to get involved in this project… You are offerring us **FREE RE-DESIGN of site** etc etc….

Thanks for the feedback. I sincerely hope that you cant fit me in for reasons other than pay because I am not looking to earn $’s here, my only intention of contacting you was to learn from you.

Anyways do keep in touch and let me know if I can be of help sometime.

Let me clarify one thing… Yes, we are in need of people, However we are doing it for-profit. Just a little clarification… I am sure many people contacted us are knowing…but still just to clarify.

And people are telling everyone is writing about Mobile 4 Mumbai so i also should write 🙂

Do join our google groups…there will be more announcement soon….

And Thanks all for your love, support and co-operation.

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