Note to and Medianama !

I love and Medianama both, since almost they started !

The only thing i hate about both is they are very much and only india specific !!!  And hence there are two limitation

1. they only cover India specific news,review,start-up updates etc.
2. In turn, which will attract mostly Indian audience, and product/start-up/news covered on those site is consumed only by Indian readers !

I can surely **predict** both are having capacity to go beyond India but I don’t know why ?

Another interesting part, when I talked to couple of Startups, they told, why should they got featured in or Medianama, instead they loved to be featured on TNW and PO (penn olson), interestingly both blogs have started india specific news recently, and if Indian Startup got featured on TNW or PO, they are having much wider audience then or medianama !

Unwanted Advice : Go beyond India. [I am not telling don’t cover Indian start-up, I am not telling to cut India specific news, I am telling to expand !]
It will help, start-up, and interestingly Indian Startups as well. It is win-win for everyone, and I don’t see any reason to limit yourself.


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