Non-startup manager (wants to execute his idea)

Super cool part :   Want to hear from You !!!!

This is Real. Just not relieving name, But the guy approached me is good friend, Management degree from *i*ie. I know him since last around 4 years, good industry experience and smarter than me !

As I am working on my start-up  full time [or even when i was doing job], was there to help startup, sometime from technical point, sometime from helping them in getting word out and sometime getting them intro with right people or first hire or first small set of beta users and sometimes just to hack their website 🙂 !  This guy approached me around 3 weeks back.

About Idea :
I found problem is interesting, and not the idea (or solution) ! But as you know **problem** is the main thing, idea/solution might got change later 🙂

Main problem is again Mumbai+Mobile+Commute/Transit ! On which We [yes, me + one guy from iit-kgp + few more friends having good exp in app dev!] are working at Mobile 4 Mumbai

We are trying to make super cool algorithm, works in cloud and some proxies work on your mobile [or using missed call (we are just trying) !] and as this guy was knowing some detail and he is also trying to solve similar problem, we got connected to discuss the idea.

Initial conversion was to understand the things out. After 2-3 call, powerpoint exchange by him here is what our mail conversation goes on.
<Normally i don’t put my mail out, and this time with permission from him !>   99.9% un-edited !

Hey  <Name>


I am interested in Idea, but quick queries/clarification

1. Are you willing to take plunge and got full time for this ?
2. If yes, can think further, or else my main focus should be mobile 4 mumbai. <hyperlink was not there in e-mail 🙂 this is edit ! >
3. Technically, some algo parts we are developing, it can be re-usable, Also key-challenge is non-technical and i do have some more thoughts. <but only if someone is  You are working full time 🙂 >


Hi Raxit

You got me buddy!

One of the reasons why I threw the ball your way was my inability to devote time to developing this idea.

For personal reasons I am not in a position to get full time into this – at least for the next 12-16 months (may be after that, but not clear at the moment); there are some commitments due to which I can’t jump right now.

However, I understand your need to focus on your current a*******e application; and agree that key work to be done in this is non-technical. I have reached out to a couple of folks to see if anyone is keen on this – but no luck yet. I am especially looking for someone who has an understanding of managing field sales.

In any case, once you are done with your current apps, if the idea is still relevant and you are are interested, you can take it up. Same goes with me – if by the time I am in a position to take the plunge full time, and the idea is still relevant, I will take it up.

Also, feel free to share the idea with anyone who you think may find it keen to work on – I am more interested in seeing the idea take shape than doing it myself.


Thoughts to Discuss :
<deleted as I want you to put comment 🙂  and I wrote some comment to screw up and with really bad words that I don’t want to get published on my blog>
<Put both type of comment, keep yourself as Me and think and comment. Keep yourself as the idea guy and think and comment !>

PS : If you are willing to work on Mumbai+Taxi, I may put you in contact with the guy! <I will not put anyone in contact who is just curious to know the name of the guy !>




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