Bye Bye Polaris, Welcome to Mobile 4 Mumbai full time.



It was tough call, tough not to leave the job, but Tough to leave Polaris  !!! Working for more than 5 years in one company (and more to company its like working with family and friends !). However  I learn one thing “Live your Dream”.  And finally its time to do that,   to work on my idea, building the stuffs from scratch and impacting millions of people’s daily life.

At one side, i am feeling sad, as its 5 yr+ time, kind of comfort zone in polaris, many friends, daily hangout, smooth life, good steady monthly pay !And when i told my wish to leave polaris to few close friends, they were giving me Gali, You Foolish, Don’t do etc etc.

They are right, I am also right.  But finally with all your wish and good luck, i think its time for me to startup.

While writing this, i am really excited about the progress we have made in Mobile 4 Mumbai‘s new Stealth mode service., Top 4 telcos  in Mumbai are keen to work with us and in advance level talk with them to rolling out our new service in few months time. Frameworks for some really cool location+mobile service has been built-up, with load testing of  10L users, and performance, scalability are good enough.

The point is not about only telcos,  Infact when we launched Mobile 4 Mumbai’s in Last week of 2009,  and within 6 month in June-2010, Big Boys who are having two O in their name (Guess ! Guess !!!) were calling us and keen to work with us, or i work for them. [But i don’t want to leave Polaris for next job !!!] Now i predict it is right time to jump full time !

I am sure many things i have learn @ polaris will be useful, (Oh ! When  yesterday i was hanging out with investors, they told, its not about my Idea, They would love to make investment because of My Execution !!!… I am sure, If not in polaris, i may NOT have learn all of this).
Working in Phonologies (IIT-B incubated small startup) + Polaris + Vaman (now defunct) and working with some great  brain + great friends,  i can not forget, and i will miss you,  i will miss some night out in solving Armor Issues, Night out in making some servers up, Rolling out some new implementations and  Chai + Bhaji and other fun stuffs around office,  + great people @ Polaris.


So yes, finally writing this to say Good Bye and Good luck to all associates and management @ Polaris Software Lab Ltd.  And jumping to Start-up world !!!


Cheers and Have Fun,

Raxit Sheth



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14 responses to “Bye Bye Polaris, Welcome to Mobile 4 Mumbai full time.

  1. Maruti Chavan

    Sahi hai Guru .. good luck ..

  2. Yugandhar

    All the best!

  3. Thanks Maruti and Yug. Will miss you lot 🙂

  4. Liju Thomas

    Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  5. rajdeep

    Wish u all the best for your future endeviour. I also hope to see u touching sky the soon, keep posted with ur old friends always.

  6. Thanks a lot Liju and Rajdeep 🙂

    @Rajdeep are you still in polaris ?

  7. Thats the way. All the best Raxit. 🙂

  8. Ramesh Duppati

    All the best for future Rakshit..

  9. Cool Man. ALL THE BEST.!

  10. Kaushik

    Good luck buddy 🙂
    Wish you the best….

  11. amit

    Best of luck bro… live all ur dreams

  12. Very Congrats Raxit and all the best of luck!!!

    Need any help / support just give a shout – will try to help out as much as I can.

  13. Wish You all the best and keep it up………………..
    Have a great time ahead……………

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