Help,Dont help !!!

Okies…  This is Life,Nind Nahi Aati to bollywood film ki story bana raha hu….. 🙂 🙂 Enjoy with your heart,mind and soul. Decide how can you handle the situation in best way !!!!

There are two friends  A and R.

Case 1 :

A is in some trouble,  R is friend and knowing A is in trouble. R is helping A constantly so that A can be out of his trouble.  A is knowing R is helping him.

Case 2:

At the same time, R is also in some different problem (or atleast A thinks R is in trouble !!!). A is trying to help (without knowledge of R).As problem of R is involved Third Party C, Without knowledge of  R, A is trying to do communicate with C. R and C  is again knowing each other, A is knowing the same.


Good Good, Help Karo, Friend ko batao mat.  If you donate with your left hand, right hand should not know !!!

Now if you are normal human being, you may think A as good character. A is helping. Help karo lekin Batao mat. True Friendship !!!!   But Kahani me Twist hain 🙂 🙂

Even A is helping R, help is not results in any fruitful stuff, even it is likely to make matter more compelx !!!


Note that, intention of A is good, but finally it is making the stuff more complex for R and C.

What do you think ?  As per you  A is helping to R is Good ? (Am not asking good for friendship…but good for situation ?)

Should anyone help to other without informing ?


If you are R : Would you cut all the communication when you come to know A was helping, but things gone wrong for help attempt !

If you are A: What you would have done ?



Sochte Raho… If you don’t understand all this post,  Give extreme Stress to your brain and heart cell.  I am also trying the same to understand what i have written.


Have Fun, Wait for Feb 3.




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