It happens… Don’t wait move on !

When you called me, i was always there ! Sometimes you called me up and i was in middle of imp. client call, i just cut and was with you to help. Sometimes you are having lazy & confused weekends, but i do have meeting with who is who of industry….i prefer you (than the biggi folks !) and enjoyed butter idli and Tea…. I tried and give preference to you… after my parents and family…

you forgot almost everything, when these folks call you always tell yes, never tell NO…because your  love !

This is the life….

When you are in critical moment, you want advice, when you seek their help (not in terms of money,effort, but in terms of moral advice..because you think your love is smart.they just want to watch movie with the friend, ok…you text them…call me back once you @home…they replied “Ok” …. and forgot !)

But it is just fine for you to forget, and dont care about who is caring you, the  poor stupid guy  (no the lucky one ! atleast now !)

Oh ! I dont know….i will ask to check the blog. I think ! What ?

Nothing !

+ it is not what you understand. 🙂 Have fun (in the pain time !)

Final : Love me or hate me ! have fun…

Raxit Sheth


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