how to turn your limitation to your strength ! how to make your users more valuable.

So Blast has happened. Mobile 4 Mumbai is rocking, Journalist, Radio and TV Channels running to catch us (and we approached few of them to create buzz !) . Was having regular office (day time job) and Red FM asking for  “Live Interview” or IBNLive asking for interview (6 month back when we have launched Mobile 4 Mumbai -Bus search) but due to hectic schedule can’t make it !

Many people (from top notch companies) offering  good job offer ,  For Technical, For Marketing, For Great UI or for User Adoption ! So it was really really a great lesson as very young techy ! ( Still i believe i am more techy ! Hacker ! etc and not marketing freaks !) Infact  the people  and team of Old Barcamp planners are still calling me  “Anti-Marketing”. And i wondered few weeks  back when i went to some companies for collaboration their head offered me, why dont you join us ?

It is definitely making me crazy…  You are going for collaboration and the dude/dudette offering me the job ? Ah No ! If we are coming for the talks for collaboration let’s talk on it. So with simply and politely have to ignore “job offer” which can kill Mobile 4 Mumbai, dont care how big is the firm and what no. of digits in the package might get offered.

But now it is time for self analysis…. And i found very interesting points when discussing with few of our well wishers…..

1. Forgot you are only Techy, You are great marketing persons toooo.

2. four type of qualities… a) you know your strength, outside world also knows, b) you dont know what you can do, but others may know what you can do , c)you know what you can do, but outside world dont know what you can do, d) you and outside world – none knows what you can do. You know techy parts, you can do it, but you were not knowing you can do great marketing (actually buzz creation) as well, As simple as it.  (Given by my roommate Sandeep Mishra…. Soon he is leaving us 😦 hope i will miss his Gali 🙂

3. Limitation was i was (and am) totally un-funded, BEST has not supported us in giving data and we are only having ~60% data when we have launched to public. Before We launched i was having good amount of discussion with Moksh Juneja, who was pushing me for launch and i was telling i dont want to launch public till i get full data….. Hald Backed product is not worth !!! People will throw away the product and  i was out of the game.  How we can launch the product without full data ? (or nearly full data ?)

Finally realized… Turn your limitation to your strength…. Turn it…Do all the Jugaad ! And idea striked of in my mind…..  Crowdsourcing… People were telling it may not work, but let’s give a try !!!!   It worked… Indeed  not only worked, but help us like  we were flying….zoooooooooom…. When we have launched  i must confest i used it as a protection tool, but now it is our biggest strength !  Telling people this is a half data product and still they love it is like telling  “you are marrying handicape girl and still you love her”.  But it really really worked.  How ?

Contribute and Get Famous

Initially many people contributed even the total percentage of contributors are less, the number is big. More frequent contribution is really rocking. People like Gavin Mathos has rocked us in last copule of weeks !   No need to say many of our contributors are shining on  Airtel and Samsung Download page. We dont write lengthy description of our product just  one line ” Mumbai Bus Search on your mobile without SMS, withotu GPRS in less than 10 keystrokes” is enough to deliver the message. and Rest of the space we use to shine our  Contributors.

4. Clear cut Message : You dont have data and you are looking for contributors.

This many of my friends is the open and honest. I asked you can contribute by E-mail, SMS or even make a phone call !  and lot many people has done it… Must say Thanks to all well wishers of Mobile 4 Mumbai.

5. Be close to end users.

Putting E-mail, and recieving SMS and call from end users and replying them back. Hardly 1% case has told your product is shit  (and that is also because of data !). Rest all have told us very motivating feedback. The key  that many corporates/funded companies not able to handle is they stay very far from end users !  Creating the product that none wants to use ! Giving supports that none wants to recieve ! Even we are providing the Free application, i must say support given is far far good (come to know from the voice of end users !) (thanks to polaris, i learn very key fact and some tips/techniques in handling  crazy but positive users). And that has turned us a lot. The real lesson and learning was how to handle happy users ! Really, It is tough ! you have to experience it. It is like pregnancy pain !

<more to come>

Raxit Sheth


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