Simple communication.

Today evening, a lady called me. She was not much Techy, She was not young as i found from the talk, She told her son has told her about Mumbai bus on mobile phone, and shown an article from some newspaper and she was on compter with her son and watching our website and found my number. Her son is doing the job in Pharma company.  She is using Mobile 4 Mumbai, and there are many times bus not found ! (Hmmm, i can write some great review, oh ! Ah ! really cool App !! , It help me out to find bus stop !!! etc etc…But Nah..!!!)

What she really like is Our website is really simple, and she come to know few things, like she was knowing about mobile call and mobile SMS, but she was not knowing GPRS. [Oh my Techy friends, i am not talking about General packet radio service, which if common man reads it relates to FM radio or  Radio Service !] Now she come to know GPRS is as you do internet on your computer, same way can be done on mobile.

While i was bit confused about what to tell her during call, i really surprised….i have made website for mobile 4 mumbai and not to educating people about what GPRS is :), however bottom line is  You (as a developer) should communicate constantly to your end users, you will get lot of ideas, product tweak/tips/bugs/feature (that you might not have even think of !). And that communication should not be pitch, but in damn simple language may be without any jargon !

[Buzz: Mobile 4 Mumbai – Mumbai bus search on Mobile, without sms, without gprs in less than 10 keystroke]

Tip : Any better word then keystroke ? (some users are still not much ok with keystroke !) comment here…

no need to tell getting daily 20-40 calls/sms/e-mail, there are few more things we observed and learn about perception of people about mobile 4 mumbai, our app and brand name ! (oh ! that really matters !).

may be more info sometime next… 🙂

Have fun 🙂


Raxit Sheth


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