Where do you watch cricket ?

Technology changing life (and Wife 🙂

This IPL is real twist for Indian Media industry, Normally there were only two option avail to watch IPL on TV (or in stadium)…But this time…

1. Stadium

2. Live TV

3. Store using DTH and watch it later on TV

4. Go to Theatre and watch Live IPL in big screen (powered by UFO !)

5. On Youtube !

6. On your mobile, live stream on mobile !

<any other remaining ??>

Which one will you think rocked this time ? Which one will rocking in future ? Put your thoughts as comment with details…


Raxit Sheth



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2 responses to “Where do you watch cricket ?

  1. Well, i usually am not interested in IPL. For those who are on the move & want to keep ‘sourcing’ updates for free, you can use Minkle for the same.

    Disclaimer – I am the one of the key guys who created Minkle :).

  2. At home, I watch it on TV. When I am outside, I check cricinfo on my phone.

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