Announcement Hua Kya @ Taj – No !

So Finally we have not got chance @ IDMA, Taj Lands end.

Even though it was confirmed we will get announcment slot for Mobile 4 Mumbai launch on one of the top popular App Store, and We were toooo much excited…

We want to stole the show like popular blogger/podcaster Kamlabhatt has mentioned here…during Yahoo Hackday@ Taj Bangalore in front of David Filo (Co-Founder Yahoo !)+ Sharad Sharma (Ex. CEO, Yahoo India) and Lovely-Hacky Hackers + Top-Notch Media… “Watch out for the person who stole the show: Raxit Sheth, hack number 31.”.

PS: Yahoo Hackday will give 90 second (1.5 min time slot) to Express your hack to Audience. In those 90 second  you need to proove, your idea/hack  will  rock or suck…after 24 hr of Hack !!! it was a great Experience !

So why this post…?

Some people have suggested us, hardly 250 folks may be knowing you have launched there or not, just announce it you have launched there…People are crazy about it etc etc masala… (even we have not !)…  But no…

Just we want to make sure, we dont give any wrong impression/cheat to our users/well wishers/friends/family/collegues  and infact ourself.

Truth must be out and faced…. Even many people will asked me by calling,meeting,sms-ing, mailing… “Hey Raxit, how was your announcement @ Taj?”  and  it is tough to say we got slashed out !!! (and easy to fake, hey it was really superb… !!!) . And we are happy to make it clear by this post, as well the same fact is informed to key people within 3 hr…when we come to know.

Few Fundas… 🙂 🙂

Outcome =  Hardwork or Try + Smartness + uncertainty( or luck or god wish).

Anyway it happens, in the life result/outcome  may not be as per your expectation, but you must try smartly. You have to propose and flirt  your GF, GF is interested….GF is calling you….But still…. we hope it will be good 🙂

the third parameter – uncertainty is beyond my control…and that is why life is there,…
if you know everything in advance in your life then it is just mechaninc, infact it is not a life.

Anyway, Thanks to IDMA team to host wonderful night, great show, great audience. Thanks to Anurag Batra, E4M for providing the opportunities to emerging players in digital media.

And mostly friendly call to all those, who have put faith in us even during little bit bad time for us.

Still we are happy, Still we are getting constant love SMS/E-mail/Call about Mobile 4 Mumbai from our end users.

We will have more chances in future+more learnings+more announcements+more love of Mumbai 🙂

Have fun 🙂

Raxit Sheth



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2 responses to “Announcement Hua Kya @ Taj – No !

  1. Announcement or No Announcement, the app still helps Mumbaikar in finding the bus for travel..

    So who cares about where the app gets launched.. We all care about the love for the app.. Raxit is still a rockstar and M4mum is still a rockapp.. Cheers..

  2. raxitsheth

    Hey Dinesh, i was caring the most for my baby 🙂

    Its not about showing me off as rock star, or get “soft good feelin”…its about “Face the case” 🙂

    Anyway must say you played key role since the time mobile 4 mumbai was in private beta or may be before even that!

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