Mobile 4 Mumbai


Many of you are contacting me on Call/SMS/E-mail.. You are Java Developer, you want to get involved ! Or you are working in big MNC, you want to get involved in this project… You are offerring us **FREE RE-DESIGN of site** etc etc….

Thanks for the feedback. I sincerely hope that you cant fit me in for reasons other than pay because I am not looking to earn $’s here, my only intention of contacting you was to learn from you.

Anyways do keep in touch and let me know if I can be of help sometime.

Let me clarify one thing… Yes, we are in need of people, However we are doing it for-profit. Just a little clarification… I am sure many people contacted us are knowing…but still just to clarify.

And people are telling everyone is writing about Mobile 4 Mumbai so i also should write 🙂

Do join our google groups…there will be more announcement soon….

And Thanks all for your love, support and co-operation.


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