One way love…

You love her, you both are going to hangout, Movie, Masti and more…Finally you think she looks interested in you.She is right fit for you(and your family), and you are right match for her and her family…

Bravo ! You propose her.
You are lucky if she accept, and you are luckier if she does not, you are in worst if she ask she need more time …but you poor guy…

If both are ok, then again story of Two States (Chetan Bhaga) will start… Otherwise you might panic,cry and feel energyless…go for **heavy**ย  smoking,drinking… And try to recover…Try to convince her, try to communicate her (and as usual it is natural for girl/guy to cut communication and contact in all possible way !).

Even twitter, Orkut , Facebook, 3G technology also can not help you ! ๐Ÿ™‚

You try to beg to meet atleast once, to resolve any misunderstanding…Yes, relationship can built on understanding,fun,cheers and enjoyment,love but will broken only because of one thing…That is misunderstanding.

You feel the world is crap. God is crap. Your friends try to give all the advises/suggestoin to forget her and make you happy…but as always…It is easy to give advice from the folks who never felt (or better rise) in love.

You just want to meet her once, not to blame her, but to thank her. To thank her to give the best time in your life. You want to meet her not because you want to give any bad words, not because you want to try to convince her…Yes, you are sure journey will be good if both of you want 100%. you know she does not and now she is not right match, but still you try your level best to meet her. And You MUST do it ! It will help a lot, help a lot to everyone…But what if she does not…

Nothing to worry much, Give your best, Cherish the best. If she is unhappy to meet you… And if you keep try insisting to meet, she will be unhappy. ( it is not about your impression on her or anyone else…Life is not built only on impression…Life is about how you live and let other live.)

It is very tough..but it is. It is not matter of time, it is matter of heart.

You must try your best, to meet her, you both are lucky…If she is ready, just meet her, greet her, cherish her,enjoy the time and thank her for wonderful little journey. If she is not… for her happiness dont bug her much…

Love is not the destination, it is journey.

Journey during which you always want your love to be happy even if she is happy without you.. It is great.
If she will be happy you will also be happy…no matter you are with her or not or better, She is with you or not… And nothing to worry, you had try ur best ! Bravo..!

Everything is uncertain during the journey, keep your feets firm to enjoy the journey. ย  ๐Ÿ™‚



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2 responses to “One way love…

  1. swamy

    it is really good and practical

  2. raxitsheth

    Its not about good and being practical. Its about fact and dealing with fact !!! You must do what you think you should do, even if it is not Practical nor good !!!


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