I was @ JITO (Jain International Trade Organisation)

JITO (Jain International Trade Organisation)

No Branding of any company, No show off, Only one motive,

A great spirit to empower,simplify,enhance life of everyone, in everyway… Try to make everyone happy in every possible way. Subject ranging from Business/Economy/Spiritual/Management/Technology and more…centered to a great spirit.

Some key points….

  • Mutltidiscipinary approach to life.
  • India is providing IT/Software product service to whole world, who will built and enhance india’s IT system ?
  • What are the experience of Enterpreneur/Businessman , who has came to Mumbai with Rs. 100 (almost empty handed) 30 yr ago, and create 30m+(USD)
  • What are the points which will make india shine, which will accelerate growth of India, Various sectors, missing links to them and more.
  • Impact of economy on personal life and impact of individual’s life on economy.
  • Collaboration and win-win among Jains. Empowering india thru Individual empowerment,Employement exchange,Business Exchange.

It was one of the best experience ever i had to be part of it,

Proud to be jain.

Raxit Sheth

98922 38248


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