Mumbai Traffic — Practical solutions.

Dear All

During last few days, some thoughts are going about traffic problems (and pracitcal solutions) mumbaikar are facing…

There are some ideas, if we try to implement those ideas there will be definitely reduction in 1. crowd @ rush time , 2. Traffic jam

These are practical ideas….and not like add 2000 more buses, and start 10 new train in rush hour or start cycling !!!

The best part is, it can easily be implemented, by YOU, without any additional investment ! and eventually, it will reduce your problem of Traffic Jam + over crowded….and in turn will help the lovely mumbai !

There is no cheating or hidden things…. If you are interested… on,

If you find it useful, feel free to forward in your friend groups, blog, office e-mail, news paper, twitter, facebook etc.

People are traveling mainly using…
1. Local Train
2. Best Bus
3. Company provided Bus/vehicle/cab.
4. your private vehicle: Car/Bike
5. Taxi/Auto Rick.
6. walk/cycle etc.

If you come by Rick/Taxi or your bike/car, Just provide someone lift. Don’t go alone in your bike/car/rick/taxi.

This simple funda can make pick hours transport more easy for everyone !

Thoughts are welcome….

We love Mumbai
Raxit Sheth
98922 38248


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