Drama — life of Software Bakra !

Few days back i was reading some poem @ www.girish.mykavita.com * + Few friends discussing the stuff and all… discussion went to this…

[ * — few really good poem like weekend ki kahani( metrocity) and more…]

We should create a “Play/Drama” (probably in Hindi!) on Life of Software Engineer…

Argument 1 : Software engineer ki life hi nahi hoti hain…. !!!!

Argument 2: Software engineer ki life ek Drama hi to hain…. Interview ek Drama, training ek drama, development and bug fix (CR — change request) ek draman, promotion and salary hike ek Drama, Sick Leave Ek Drama, Cost Cutting ek Drama, Aur Kitna drama chahiye tumhe !!! (Name is not published due to privacy reason, but one of my good friend !)

What do you think ? Give us some more inputs….what should be there in play ? Do you think Janta is interested ??? Do you want to put your experience ? Want to be part of it ???

[note : this is at very very very beginning stage…dont know wil it be spinned of or not ! but do put your thoughts !!!]

Have Fun 🙂

-Raxit Sheth


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