SwImMiNg :)

Ok So finally the day come, Today i wakeup at 6:45 am (or better Shailendra Lakhena… The Future PM šŸ™‚ has call me,

[Note : Normally Alarm will not work for Me. Phone call also normally will not work… I do having bad habit to come late to office, and leaving early :)]

I asked Lakhena you go… i will come after some time with AppuS.[Apurwa Sharma]. He was doubting wether i will come or no… sala 3 month se aise hi bol raha hain, Unghan sinh. Pure din ghar or Office mein sote hi raheta hain !

After few more minutes of sleep… Finally i wakeup. Get ready…Me and AppuS gone for Tea. Come to 9th floor.. finally get ready… And then went to Swimming Pool, changed the cloths and Hoooooooo Haaaaaah…. Not Jump…slowly slowly, dhire dhire… Thande Thande Chlorine wale pani me… Mere Pavan Pairo se maine Swimming pool ko Pawan kiya… šŸ™‚

Approx 1 hr…. Pani mein cycling (ooops i dont know how to swim :(… so just playing with water.. in Gujarati ChhabChhabiya. and all that… and again back to home and office…writing this post šŸ™‚



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