@ cybercafe.

Ok… i am writing this post from Cybercafe..!

Today at 6:30 pm having some meeting, and need to check few E-mail, want to chat with friends and need to prepare some documents+ formalities + need to have good sleep…. So i just opened up my laptop at around 11:30 am. WinXp (yup…. since last couple of month i have not loggedin to my Debian !) is giving some error after login, blue screen and restart… Roommate is already left for the office…. first few minutes i was thinking damn shit ! Sala Aaj hi Windows ko Bandh hona tha. And few thoughts about stability of Win. Then little bit more thoughts….

Life is uncertain. you never know what stuff will be crash at which time. ? [And what stuff will recover at which time]
[All this philosophy, after accident on 12-dec-08 πŸ™‚ ] Let’s forget the windows and my laptop [which i do never ever want to forget. i just ❀ my laptop a lot]

I just dont know how to end this post…. Anyway damn busy today !

stay tuned πŸ™‚

-Raxit Sheth


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