Not enough sleep !

Some days in life are just scary. Especially when you need to rush at midnight for some critical help etc !

Just not having enough sleep since last Friday. Today only having few hours sleep. Just wakeup, have tea, bath and online. I was thinking to go to my uncle’s home…but better not. really tired.

Other plan was to go to Wankaner for Vidyabharti Alumni meetup. The early days in my life, where i finished primary and secondary education…. the plan was dropped. i was supposed to go to Friday Evening by Saurashtra Mail…. but can’t go… as Thursday night was damn nightout…. rushing to airport, book ticket etc.

However, i just became online, few scraps from old school friends. In that sense orkut is really cool. Helps you to connecting old friends…! Even people were telling india really not required “Social App” it is good for Western country… i do think India is very tech-savy. [Anyway this is not technical blog so i will not drag more discussion here…. 🙂 ]

I meetup Vijay(fagu), Gajo (Gajendrasinh Ashoksinh Jadeja !), Imran, Divlo (Divyesh Mandaliya) + copule of other @ wankaner 2 weeks back. Had some Tea at highway at night 1:30 am.

Anyway i do love to visit wankaner… i do visit once in around 45 days. But really not fixed… Mood Aaye to Chale gaye. ! 🙂

Anyway chalo kal firse office !!! 🙂 Don’t know how the weekend was passed ! Damn busy ! Damn Panic !

Cherish the best, forget the rest. 🙂

Have fun and let others have fun 🙂



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