Broken !!!

When you don’t want to work, but there are some work of your office… what do you do ?

Was really feeling broken. !!! Mood was completely off…my Seniors and their seniors are asking to fix it. but why ? should i listen to them or to me ? My Heart was telling, Just go to home, Take bath, Go for Pao Bhaji and Relax ! My Boss (he he 🙂 was telling please fix this.

What i may have done ???




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2 responses to “Broken !!!

  1. Then dont do it.. listen to your heart and mind..

    Remember that “what’s right isn’t always popular… and what’s popular isn’t always right.”

  2. raxitsheth

    ha ha ! i already had left the office on that day and eat pav-bhaji ! 🙂

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